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Prosopopoeias : when objects come to life @ Le Centquatre, Paris

05/12/2015 > 31/01/2016




Video Art

Video FullHD 1920x1080px, 25fps, Audio Stereo


BEAUTY takes part of the International Biennial of Digital Arts Nemo, Le 104 hosts a large contemporary art exhibition called "Prosopopoeias: when objects come to life." The idea of this collective exhibition is: and if the objects around us were animated? And if a couch could move, what would it do? This is the meaning of the word prosopopoeia: to make the inanimate speak. This far-fetched proposal has inspired many contemporary artists who have realized their wildest dreams using digital tools: because yes, thanks to digital, everything is possible, really everything.
You will encounter completely dingo objects, such as an airport sign that indicates absurd information, extraterrestrials, works of art that try to escape from the 104, an apartment that becomes crazy ... Poetry and fantasy mingle in an exhibition of a new kind: take your children, they will love!

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