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METAMORPHOSIS @ @ Le Vube, Paris

26/09/2015 > 16/01/2016



Video Art

Video FullHD 1920x1080px, 25fps, Audio Stereo


The exhibition Metamorphosis presents strong visual works questioning the limits and transformations of the representation of the human body and its states of mind in the digital age. Transformations, modifications of one being in another, its character and its form, the works presented here come from different visual cultures. They question and echo in a work of composition, decomposition and recomposition.

Metamorphoses of the image, metamorphoses in the image, those of the bodies and the feelings submitted to the virtual tool: it is in its deformations, modifications and twists that the image draws its material and becomes alive. Life is no longer represented on the screen, it is the screen and finds its rhythm in the viewer's gaze. These representations then appear as the mirror of our souls whose own bodies would be the receptacle.

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