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Exposed @ Animazioni italiane - Palazzo Angeli Padova

26/05/2016 > 12/06/2016

Exposed @ Animazioni italiane - Palazzo Costanzi Trieste

15/06/2017 > 16/07/2017

Beauty Roll Print,


Colored Print
120×150 cm, thickness of 1mm on Pvc Panel

In the full image there are 3640 frames in total. Each painting consists of 25 frames = 1 second

The exhibition explores the contemporary production of animated short films in Italy. A subdivision has been chosen that aims to make reference centers, which are not only geographic but also cultural, and the resulting technical research that develops for a kind of linguistic affinity by the authors.

Beauty Roll Print is digital artwork print of BEAUTY. In the exposed image, 120x150cm, you can see all the art paintings selected in the video in small tiles. Each scene consists of 25 frames (1 second), for a total of 3640 frames. The overall glimpse expresses well the chromatic research at the base of the video and the evolution of tonality and colors of each chapters.

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