Interactive Video Installation

Double Videoprojection on PVC


The video installation INVISIBLE NATURE develops to the theme of redevelopment of Nature and respect for Her. The idea is to make an interactive video installation where the visitor, with his physical presence, becomes an active part of the project. Through an analogous interaction based on the simple principle of additive synthesis of light, and without the use of special hardware, the visitor, standing in front of the screen, will unveil by his shadow worlds and situations initially hidden by white light. In this way, more people will actively participate in the installation, and more the concealed image will take shape, opening a "window" and returning a new life to the Nature. A large screen will simultaneously receive two videoprojections on both sides: back videoprojection (the hidden layer) with images of Nature, as flowers, trees and landscapes; front videoprojection (the eraser layer), completely white, that will hide the back projection;