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THE LAST SUPPER ALIVE @ File Festival(San Paulo, Brazil)

The Last Supper Alive


A VideoInstallation, Audio Stereo

6 minutes 

FILE SAO PAULO 2019 – 20 years of FILE 20 years of art and technology

In 2019, FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – celebrates its 20th anniversary. The festival’s main focus is to show what is innovative in art and technology, and for the last 20 years FILE’s mission has been to offer the Brazilian public the chance to experience the latest and best of electronic art.
Since the 20th century, artists have sought innovative means of expression through research. From the point of view of artistic production, the interdisciplinary relationship between arts and technology has effectively transformed the creative process and the way art is shown – be it in the public’ relationship with the work or in its relationship with the exhibition space.
Electronic art has been continually developing and exercising a fundamental purpose in the contemporary world, as it seeks not only to innovate through technology but, above all, to represent the diversity of new behaviors within society.
As well as looking back with pride at its own story, FILE 2019 has the honor of celebrating important anniversaries of two icons in the history of art -the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci and 100 years of the Bauhaus. Visitors to FILE 2019 can enjoy a variety of approaches to art and technology through works which make use of electronic language in different ways, from interactive installations and games to animation, GIFs and video art. They are projects which through their innovation and creative potential open up new spaces for living and aesthetic perspectives.
To mark an important moment in this journey, FILE is pleased to offer the public 20 Years of FILE, 20 Years of Art and Technology and invites visitors to immerse themselves in a poetic vision of the new technologies.


Paula Perissinotto & Ricardo Barreto
FILE founders and organizers


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