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A Virtual Art Museum on web
More 300 animated GIFs Art Paintings exposed

The MOAP - Museum of Animated Paintings is a virtual art museum where are exhibited the animated gif of the greatest paintings of art history. The brainchild of Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, director of the animated short film "Beauty" of 2014 and the recent "Peep Show" by which was inspired, is the imaginary place where the art comes to life. The visitor, as if inside a real museum, can freely explore the "themed rooms" (Landscape Room, Erotic Room, Creepy Room, Woman Room) that collect part of the works.

 Every day, also on the homepage is offered a gif of the collection. The MOAP responds to the intimate human need to confront art, and satisfy the desire to see with their own eyes what happens after the moment fixed by the artist and defy death with beauty.

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