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AD Projects @  BIG SCREEN PLAZA, Manhattan, NEW YORK





Video Art Installation

Video FullHD 1920x1080px, 25fps, Audio Stereo


MySuper8 is exposed on Big Screen Plaza‘s 30 ft. HD outdoor screen is a new nexus of city cultural life. Located behind Kimpton’s Hotel Eventi in Manhattan, the 10,000 sq. ft. multimedia venue hosts major events and screenings of an eclectic mix, ranging from cinema to sports, the arts to fashion. In addition to serving private clients and bookings at the hotel, Big Screen Plaza‘s ongoing aim is to serve as a nodal point for artistic entertainment and cultural innovation coming out of New York and beyond. 

MySuper8 is video made entirely of an animated sequence of 300 of morphing photographs and completely surreal and oniric created content. Nestled in the elegant setting, cuckoo clocks, wolfs and deer heads, the ratio of love/hate relationship between two beautiful sister lifeless is told through both soft and mechanical loop movement between kisses, hair pulling, whispers and sticking in a memory suspended in time.

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