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Video Installation

Monitor 12" FullHD 1920x1080, Wood, Stainless steel, 40x40x170cm


PEEP SHOW is a private trip to the world of eroticism.
The viewer, as if spied from the keyhole, attends a personal show where art is the object of desire.
The most beautiful erotic icons of the classical art wink and show themselves in an atmosphere filled with sexual tension, succeeding, with their eternal power, transforming voyeurism into a sublime act. The video is designed for a personal, single, secret, and intimate vision. PEEP SHOW is a form of erotic entertainment out of time. Contemporary in form and realized with the technical means of now, with its references to the first experiments on motion pictures, could well live well on the 800's / 900's. The starting references are the classic peep show or monoscope of the early '900, where the viewer, by inserting a few cents, could "spy" a selection of photographs of naked scenes. Being a virtual entertainment, instead of physically putting the coin into the mechanism, in order to see the show people has to pay via paypal or credit card. The fundamental element is the space-time limitation that makes the dream look like. The spectator, for about seven minutes, is out of the world around him, can go elsewhere, in a reassuring and exciting atmosphere, between soft bodies and pleasure. Music composed by Enrico Ascoli. Box designed by Gian Maria Pizzi.

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